Investment Property Mortgages – Are UK Rising Interest Rates Pushing Investors Out Of The Market?

Investment property mortgages are often referred to as buy to let mortgages. Investment property mortgages are used where an investor is purchasing an investment property with the intention of renting it out to tenants in return for a monthly rental income.Many people are now involved in buying and selling investment property and as a result, the range of investment property buy to let mortgages has significantly grown. The investment property mortgages have become more widely available with some lenders offering buy to let mortgage products with up to 90% loan to value. If you can purchase investment property by using just 10% of your own capital this can result in the landlord being able to buy more investment property than before when the industry standard for buy to let mortgages was 15%.Investment Property – Do your ResearchWith more sophisticated products available for investment property and the demand for rental property continuing, landlords are tirelessly looking for ideal investment property for sale. Finding investment property for sale can be a time consuming exercise but the most successful investors will constantly be on the look out for the best deals on discounted investment property. An established investor will always be researching areas identified as property hotspots where they can be the first to invest in an investment property. Investment property in regeneration areas can be equally as good but remember it can take time before these investment properties deliver a substantial return on your investment. Investment property in good areas, with strong rental demand will always be a winner if you are looking at good investment property potential.Investment Property – Flat or HouseShould you buy a flat or a house as an investment property? A question often asked but there is no right or wrong reason. Property investors buy investment property for different reasons. Some may buy investment property in their local areas whereas others may buy investment property further afield. A house as an investment property may present a wider choice of tenants. For example a house bought as an investment property could appeal to a single person, a small family, professional couple, elderly couple etc. A house is more likely to be freehold so avoiding annual service charges. A flat bought as an investment property is more likely to appeal to professionals who don’t necessarily have time to maintain gardens or have children. So for these reasons it is important to identify the best investment properties in the area and where the biggest demand for tenants is.Investment Property – Student LetIf you are looking to buy an investment property in a university town, then a house could present a good return on investment for student lets. Plus, there are now many more buy to let mortgages available for investment property that is being let to students.

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